Pinterest is satan.

I’m one of those people that likes to know everything about everything.  Not in a gossipy way, in a Schoolhouse Rock KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! kind of way.  As soon as a question pops into my head, I’m on my laptop looking for answers.  I can’t watch a movie without IMDB being open so I can look up each actor as they appear, and my husband is convinced that I’ll be first in line when they start surgically implanting wi-fi chips in your brain that allow you to search the web free of computing devices.

My New Year’s resolutions for this year were intentionally kept vague so that I could add and modify as I saw fit – get organized and take better care of myself.  

Taking better care of myself has involved going back to the gym and not stuffing everything I see into my mouth in obscene quantities.  It’s going reasonably well thus far.

Getting organized is a completely different monster.  Since I’m naturally organizationally disabled, I turn to the internet to research how other people get organized.  Cue Pinterest.

Have I mentioned that I have major ADD?  I don’t take medication for it because it isn’t painful or potentially life-shortening and medications for my PMDD (we’ll discuss that another time) have left me feeling muted and not my charming self.  So I choose not to medicate.  Where was I?

Pinterest.  I get on Pinterest to look up organization ideas and end up spending days reading about natural cold remedies, how to break free of zip ties, etc.  I’ve learned nothing about organization, other than how to organize my Pinterest board (sort of).

So now I have two more days until this semester begins, I probably have twenty loads of laundry stacked up, a filthy house, and no plan what-so-ever as to how to dig my way out of it.

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